General rental conditions

1. General provisions
The tenant will in no case be able to avail himself of any right of maintenance in the premises at the expiration of the period initially provided for in this contract

2. Use of the premises
The tenant will enjoy the rental in a peaceful manner and will make good use of it, in accordance with the destination of the premises.
The tenant agrees to make the furnished apartment, on departure, as clean and tidy as it will have found it on arrival.
The rental can in no case benefit third parties.
The owner will provide the accommodation in accordance with the description he has made of it and will keep it in good condition.

3. Security deposit or deposit
The amount of the security deposit is equal to € 500 for villas.
It is paid upon entering the premises.
As a general rule, it is reimbursed to the tenant 8 days after his departure, after deduction, in the event of damage to the elements of the furnished accommodation and the goods made available, any costs of replacement or repair.
If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to improve the amount after the exit inventory.

4. Number of occupants
In the event that the number of accepted persons mentioned in the contract is exceeded, the lessor and the lessee will reach an amicable agreement, taking into account the additional charges imposed by the change in occupancy.
The names of the people who made the reservation will also be checked at the time of reception.

5. Animals
Unless expressly agreed by the renter, animals, even pets, are not allowed. Their presence would result in the immediate termination of this contract

6. Inventory and inventory
On arrival the agency delivers the keys to the tenant who goes alone in the rental, he checks the good condition and if he finds a problem, he communicates it directly to the latter so that it
remedy it as soon as possible! If necessary, any complaint must be reported to the agency that gave you the keys, within 24 hours at the latest from the entry into possession of the premises.
After this period, the place of stay will be considered free of damage when entering the premises and complaints will no longer be admissible.
6.1 Service of apartments or villas:
In the rentals, sheets, towels and kitchen are not provided (unless otherwise stated in the description).
6.2 End of stay cleaning:
If you pay an amount to do the end of stay cleaning, the cleaning of the kitchen area, the dishes, the fridge and the garbage cans are never included.

7. Technical installations:
Many vacation homes include either a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, TV, satellite dish, radio, freezer, pool or other similar amenities. This equipment being made available to the tenant free of charge, the latter cannot assert any claim in the event of breakdowns, disturbance or unforeseen damage of short duration. The same goes for minor malfunctions in sanitary facilities, showers or sinks that do not require immediate intervention. In such cases, the tenant is requested to inform the lessor so that he can remedy it as soon as possible

8. The client will authorize the carrying out of work or repairs incumbent on the owner or the building, the urgency and necessity of which would appear during the period of occupation. No compensation will be granted in case of urgent interventions in the accommodation during the stay.

9. Payment
The amount of the deposit is 50% of the rental price.
The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has returned a copy of this contract accompanied by the amount of the deposit before the date indicated on the front.

10. The balance will be paid in cash on the day of arrival to the apartment.
If the tenant delays his arrival, he must notify the owner in advance and send him the balance of the rent for the date of the start of the rental initially planned; in these conditions, article 9 will not be applied

11. Interruption of stay
In the event of an early interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not called into question, there will be no refund, except that of the security deposit under the conditions indicated in article 3.

12. Cancellation conditions
Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram before entry into possession.

In the case of cancellations by the client, they will comply with the following rules:
1. If the cancellation occurs within 2 MONTHS before the client's date of entry, 20% of the total rental amount and contracting fees will be retained.
2. If the cancellation occurs between 0 days and 2  MONTHS before the client's entry date, 50% of the total rental amount and contracting fees will be retained.
3. If the cancellation occurs once the client has entered the EMPURIALOLA, S.L. will retain 100% of the total amount delivered by the client for the total rental amount and contracting fees.
4. In all cases and regardless of when the cancellation occurs, EMPURIALOLA SL will receive at least the amount of 30% of the total amount of the reservation that includes the rental and contracting fees. This amount corresponds to the contracting fees to be received by EMPURIALOLA SL from the client and which appear on the total invoice of the services contracted in each stay.
In the event that once the client has contracted an accommodation, it could not be delivered, EMPURIALOLA, S.L. undertakes to deliver other accommodation of a similar category or higher and in case of not being able to satisfy the client, return the amount of money that the latter has given to EMPURIALOLA S.L. for this intermediation management.